As one approaches the installation in the silence of the night, one can see several tall capsules, almost randomly scattered over a large field. It seems like one is placed in a hypermodern world, ready to discover the purpose of these strange objects. One starts to identify the structure of the capsule, made from intertwined lines of light that cover the outer shell. As one is invited to interact with the capsules one realizes they are not static, but slowly start rotating when touched and accelerated by hand. As the capsule turns faster the light is getting stronger, creating a powerful and mesmerizing visual illusion that surrounds it. It seems like an invisible force is pulling the capsule from the ground, connecting space and earth.
One starts playing more, even taking a ride, extracting oneself from this world and becoming one with the moment. As it reaches its climax the capsule emits its most intense light, lighting up the space that surrounds it and casting shadows of the people watching it. Slowly it starts declining, emitting less and less light with each turn. As it looses its momentum darkness fills the void of light.  It stops turning, creating a moment of stillness before rebirth. So the cycle starts anew, every capsule in its own rhythm and pattern, creating a never ending dance of light and shadow.
In my work I'm using natural phenomena, light and motion to create mesmerizing sculptures that connect the viewer to the fundamentals of nature, like in this case to the cycle of life. Birth and death, day and night, growth and decline are opposites, yet also mirroring each other. While our society focuses primarily on growth, vigor and fertility, all other parts of the cycle of life are equally important and true. Surrendering to the cycle of life means true freedom, as one is never truly free unless one is in harmony with one's natural cycle. While many of us are living either in the past or in the future, life happens while we are living in the moment. This installation is connecting the viewer in an interactive and playful way to the never-ending cycle of life, both beautiful and inevitable. Death is just another beginning.

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