In der kollektiven Rauminstallation wird die Komplexität multipler Krisen durch das Gefühl von Überforderung dargestellt. Die Wahrnehmung trübt, die Ausstellung wird zu einem undifferenzierbaren Eindruck, die Selektion von Einzelarbeiten und Raumkonzept wird unmöglich, so wird die kausale Verknüpfung multipler Krisen dargestellt.
Remember, how at least this place was quiet and calm, a place to be by yourself, just you? We were hit by mayor crises during the last years, but for me a strong issue that makes these times almost unbareable is the constant noise that is pouring down on us. Sure, it comes form that thing that is glued to our hands and it's our own choice to take it everywhere, but is it though? Are we not purposefully made addicted to social media by well paid experts, who are using science against us? Are we conscious enough to not put the foot into the trap and make the choice in our favor? For now it seems like the world's drama is now even haunting us at our most sacred place…

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